Daniel Koppich is a creative director and graphic designer based in New York City. He is currently Design Manager at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he leads a diverse range of projects, from the Met’s recent rebranding, to exhibitions for the Costume Institute, and initiatives for departments throughout the museum. Over the past six years, he has played a key role in establishing and implementing a clearly defined creative direction for the Met, ensuring the highest quality design and alignment across all channels.

Prior to joining the Met, he worked with several agencies and institutions including Wolff Olins, Refinery29, Project Projects, 2×4, Lipman, MTWTF, and C-Lab. He received a B.A. in Design and Cultural Geography from UCLA, and an M.F.A. in Graphic Design from Yale University.


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the metropolitan museum

Interim co-Head of Design, 2020
Design Manager, 2017–2019
Senior Designer, 2014–2017

project projects

Senior Designer, 2012–2013


Designer, 2011–2012


Designer and Researcher, 2009

the getty museum

Designer, 2007–2008

freelance clients

Wolff Olins, Refinery29, 2×4, MTWTF, Red Peak, W/ Projects, Collecion Cisneros, Goethe Institut


Parsons School of Design
Visiting Critic, 2013–2019


This site contains elements from work completed with the Met Design Studio, under the creative direction of Susan Sellers (2013–2016) and Emile Molin (2016–2019). External collaborators are listed below.

in our time
teens take the met

Event Photography: Filip Wolak

the met family benefit

Illustrations: Subin Yang

members count

Campaign Photography: Jeremy Liebman

rei kawakubo

Campaign Photography: Paolo Roversi
Album Photography: Nicholas Alan Cope

making the met

Campaign Photography: Roderick Aichinger

families brochure

Illustrations: Rebecca Clarke

breuer facade graphics
masterworks: unpacking fashion

Installation Photography: Met Imaging,
Stephanie Post and Thomas Ling